#HeForShe campaign Launch on September 20th 2014

UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson launches the ‘HeForShe’ campaign, talking about her experience and views on feminism and equality.

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 What makes you feel vulnerable?

“Being nice. Sometimes, being happy or being nice can leave me feeling a bit hung out to dry. Especially if everyone else who I’m around is way more guarded. Doesn’t it seem like being nice is underrated right now though? Seems like a lot of my generation as a whole is more concerned with being the cool kid; sarcastic, smug or just all together impenetrable. So anyway, it’s not always comfortable to be like, the dorky, happy girl at the party… but that’s me.”

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“Haz lo que quieras conmigo, pasa tus manos por mi cabello y tira de él. Bésame como si fuera la última vez. Muérdeme el cuello, es mi punto débil. Presiona tu cuerpo contra el mío. Intoxícame de ti.”

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